The Hunter region, and its capital Newcastle, remain at the crossroads. Behind it is a well documented history of success on the back of resources and manufacturing enterprises.

We now face a choice whether to maintain our attachment to the past and the competitive advantages of yesteryear, or to build on our emerging new strengths in services and the knowledge economy, in order to deepen, diversify and accelerate change which is already underway.

The Hunter is on the crest of a transition that will reshape the way that we interact and do business. The transition provides the perfect opportunity to build on the region’s natural competitive advantages, exploit its depth of research talent, engineering expertise and creative community and leverage these ingredients to shape our region into one that can be renowned as a smart city.

The partners behind the Hunter Innovation Project have declared their stance: The future should embrace innovation-led growth in order to sustain our role as a dynamic economy in the years to come.


Our collective vision is to establish and nurture an innovation ecosystem within the Hunter Region.

The HIP will help achieve this vision through establishment of smart city infrastructure and a digitally connected innovation precinct. This will enhance the appeal of Newcastle and the Hunter to businesses and entrepreneurs in the technology and digital-creative sectors.

Newcastle and the Hunter Region is a vibrant, prosperous and future-focussed community. We celebrate an enviable lifestyle and a creative, cohesive society, secure in a knowledge-based, diverse and sustainable economy.

The future economic prosperity of the Hunter region will rely heavily on its capacity to turn people’s ideas into services and products that create value.

The Hunter Innovation Project will foster economic growth and employment in the Hunter regional economy particularly in new and emerging industries. It will act as a magnet to attract, retain, and develop talent and additional investment in the new knowledge-based economy and beyond.


The new economic paradigm for Newcastle and the region will be about participating in, if not leading, the creative/ disruptive forces which will create the value add and jobs of the future in new and expanding markets.

The Hunter Innovation Project will provide physical spaces, data connectivity and smart infrastructure to increase productivity and leverage investment in research and technology in Newcastle and the Hunter Region. This innovation-enabling infrastructure will support entrepreneurs, tech and knowledge-related start-ups and existing enterprises in both traditional and emergent sectors to take advantage of opportunities in the digital economy, green technology, advanced manufacturing, health, education and smart city management.

The HIP will deliver three key elements:


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